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About Brahma Kumaris

Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University is established by the incorporeal God-Father Shiva (the Supreme Soul)as a foundation to recreate the new heavenly world. We are an internationally recognised non-governmental organisation (NGO) helping people from all religious and cultural background to recognise and experience the inner being (soul) and bring positive and magical transformation in personal lives through the practice of rajyoga meditation.

God has Come

In this time when unrighteousness, vices, and ignorance is prevailing, and human beings have forgotten their true identity and their original nature, and thus fell down in the grounds of moral and spiritual values, God has come to remind, teach, and re-establish the world which existed on earth 5000 years ago. The world which we yet remember as heaven. The present time is called Sangam Yug/Confluence Age, an age or time period between Iron Age (Kaliyug) and the Golden Age (Satyug). God is now our teacher and mentor. This institution is thus known as Godfatherly University for world transformation. We the students here are attaining this knowledge and virtues from the spiritual father himself. Through this spiritual university, we godly students are learning the truth of the creation and the creator… Read more.